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          Celebrate Nebraska's great tradition by joining your fellow University of Nebraska Alumni, supporters, and friends by becoming a member of our local alumni chapter. It is through your loyal support and generosity that allows us to continue the tradition of providing this valuable assistance to help future Huskers attend the University of Nebraska. That's Husker Power!


          Every year, we give students from Oregon and Southwest Washington scholarships to attend the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Scholarship funding is just a small piece of the puzzle. We also volunteer in our local communities through annual events we host. We've put in hard work organizing and running food drives, toy drives, house-building at Habitat for Humanity, and helping at animal shelters. If you think of any other charitable organizations you'd like to see us pair up with, let us know! We're open to ideas. We're here to bring Nebraska Nice to Oregon.


1. Become an OR4NE member!

2. Patronize our merchandise sales: With new t-shirts and exclusive merchandise for sale at every game, you can always count on taking home something unique.

3. Purchase raffle tickets: With lots of new raffle items appearing at every watch party, you have a chance to win some rad Husker gear.

4. Tax deductible donation to the OR4NE Cliff Berggren Scholarship Fund.

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